Implementing Remote Working Strategies with Cinegy

Cinegy presents a way forward in difficult times; what looks like a problem might just be an opportunity! As many satisfied customers will attest, Cinegy's server/client concepts for broadcast workflows offer great flexibility when it comes to designing broadcast processes. But it is also true that the very same technology provides a means to stay on the air while keeping staff safe from infection.




Cinegy client software and other network-enabled applications will also work over wide area networks as well. Using Cinegy by itself or in combination with other technologies need not be restricted to a bricks-and-mortar facility. Just as many other applications can thrive in a work-from-home environment, so can broadcast.

Nonetheless, successfully implementing work-from-home strategies in a broadcasting workflow requires an understanding of what will work easily and what will not. Not every remote working solution will work well, but we at Cinegy will be glad to share with you what works for us.

Join us on Tuesday March 9th at 09:30 CET for EMEA and Asia (03:30 AM EST) and for America at 10:00 AM  EST (or 16:00 CET) to hear how Cinegy can solve the working-from-home conundrum for the broadcast industry.


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