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It's an open secret that the award-winning Cinegy broadcast workflow solution has a newsroom control system built into it.

In fact, it has everything that a news broadcaster needs from origination to PCR and MCR. Speedy, flexible capture of video, easy import of camera files, scripts and images, a fully-featured graphics system, RSS feed reader, templated rundown and bulletin control, direct 2-way interaction between editorial and production, studio video display control, prompter - the list goes on.

But that's not all. Cinegy News is built on top of Cinegy Archive, which can manage the huge daily volume of fresh content needed for news via automated tiered storage management. Also, Cinegy Archive's metadata management means that locating footage and other content is a matter of seconds, no matter how much content is on disk.

Best of all, Cinegy News provides your video server, document server and graphics server all in one! All the elements of a story – video, audio, graphics, prompter text, voiceovers – are under the fingertips of every user. But Cinegy News can also ensure that no story goes to air without executive approval in order to protect against unwanted legal or compliance issues.

Cinegy's workflows mean that news stories can go direct from timeline edits to air, while at the same time ensuring rigorous editorial and management control. In addition, Cinegy News offers the benefits of the latest broadcasting technology: for example, one of our customers uses voxpops sent from mobile phones via SRT, freeing reporters from the chains of the OB van.

Cinegy News is a one-time purchase, not a subscription


The Cinegy News Webinar will show:

- how the different elements that make up a TV news item can be pulled together quickly and easily
- how items can be gathered in a tight, timed rundown ready for execution by the PCR crew
- how you can build a PCR to suit your specific requirements
- how the PCR and editorial teams remain linked through the whole process



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