This is the Cinegy product evaluation section.

Below you can find some of our products which you can evaluate free of charge for 30 days.

Please click on the product name to register for the evaluation download link which will be emailed to you.
If you wish to evaluate each product, you will need to register for each product individually.


Cinegy Air PRO 11.3

Cinegy’s real-time playout server, multi-channel broadcast automation and branding software for scheduled, studio, news and live operations

Cinegy Multiviewer 12

Cinegy's professional monitoring and analysis solution for SDI and IP streams


Cinegy Live 11.0

Cinegy’s live vision mixer for SDI and IP streams

Player 2

Cinegy Player PRO 2.1

Cinegy’s professional broadcast video player

Player 3

Cinegy Player 3

The Player for Daniel2 video files and all other professional video formats
Capture 11

Cinegy Capture 11.1

Network appliance software for real-time ingest

Convert 11

Cinegy Convert 11.1

Cinegy’s server-based transcoding and batch processing service