Cinegy Archive is the core back-end of our MAM solution with Cinegy Desktop and Cinegy Workspace being the front-end

Cinegy Capture delivers multi-channel ingest with multi-resolution, multi-quality output and a choice to start channel groups manually or as part of a scheduled plan

Cinegy Convert performs the entire export and import job process in multiple formats, giving you the power of centralized management, storage, and processing while lowering client hardware requirements

Cinegy Player is a professional broadcast video player that meets the technical requirements and common standards of modern broadcasting

Cinegy Desktop provides powerful features for accessing, enhancing and editing the content held inside Cinegy Archive, while Cinegy Workspace provides lightweight access in a web browser.

Cinegy Air with Cinegy Type offers state-of-the-art software for multi-channel professional linear play-out and studio play-in with branding

Cinegy Multiviewer with Cinegy Route allows the monitoring of a virtualised IP infrastructure replacing SDI switches and cables. Cinegy Live offers a software IP alternative to a vision mixer.