DANIEL2Player - the professional video player for 8K and beyond

Cinegy Daniel2Player is a completely new tool for front-end broadcasters that demand outstanding quality and performance while playing back 8K files.


Cinegy Daniel2Player was specially design to support world’s fastest Cinegy Daniel2 codec that can decode up to 1100 frames per second at 8K (7680x4320 – that is 16x the resolution of full HD). At its NAB 2016 booth Cinegy was presenting an 8K demo using its new Daniel2 powered D2Player decoding one or even multiple 8K streams while performing realtime compositing, color correction, scaling and titling.

Live demo of Cinegy Daniel2 codec and Daniel2Player you can watch here.

  • Windows 10 style media player for Daniel2 video files
  • Requires NVIDIA Maxwell GPU and Windows 64bit OS
  • Native 8K output via split 4x4K outputs or scaled output to 4K, full HD or smaller display sizes
  • Zoom-in, zoom-out, scan & pan while playing or while paused
  • JKL controls, single stepping, scrubbing
  • Audio playback
  • Technical info and status display
  • Vsync or free run
  • Full screen or Window playback
  • Multiple Daniel2Player can run simultaneously
Supported Codecs and File Formats
  • Daniel2 codec
  • Daniel codec